Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Why I carry knives

My wife always asks me why I carry my Barrage from Benchmade on me all the time and keep my Benchmade Houdini Pro in my car. She thinks I'm a bit of a knife/gun/___ nut. Here's a timely reason from Blade Mag. So far, I've only convinced her to carry an old Swiss Army Knife in her glove box. I haven't gotten a response from her yet, but this might be what it takes to get the Houdini moved over to her truck - and stationed within arms reach in case SHE is the one who is stuck in an accident.

Eliz, if you're reading this... this is why I do all of the "nutso" things I do in the name of a little preparedness. Being ready before an emergency is the only way to actually be ready. I love you and I want to keep you around. If one other person reads this and takes action to prepare to deal with the many small tasks and potential emergencies for which a knife is well-suited or in the extreme saves a life, then this post did more than I could hope for.

In the near future, I will try to post a little about the small things I do to be prepared in my daily life.

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