Wednesday, January 04, 2012

LP's First Bite

While the family was off work, in-laws in town from DC and Charlotte, and basically enjoying being together with no commitments, LP (my baby girl) passed a few pretty major milestones. Pictured above is her first bite of solid food. We had worked on rice "cereal" a bit. Sidenote: for those of you who don't have kids, before they get to the stuff you may think of as baby food they move from milk to a goopy concoction of ground rice and water that they call "cereal" but it's basically watery goop. LP took the peas and ate them like it was her job. I think it was one of the least messy feedings I've ever seen for a new food eater. She was all decked out with the massive cloth/plastic hybrid bib (think dressed out as a radiation worker) and I fully expected her to take a spoonful or two into her mouth and then redecorate the kitchen with it. But to our surprise and joy, she ate like a super big girl and managed to stay cleaner than our oldest son (7) does during a typical meal.



jen said...

Love this pic.

Dillon Allen said...

Thanks. Santa Claus brought me another copy of my 50mm prime lens. So now I can catch a lot more of the kids doing stuff in the ambient light of the house.