Friday, March 02, 2012

Great Podcast for Small Business Owners

If you own a small business, you should be constantly pursuing improvement in your methods to increase the margin on the hard work you put into the thing. I have become a fan of Jack Spirko both from a preparedness standpoint and as someone who would like to eventually own a small business. I also want to help my family's small business - Art Supply grow in the same spirit of "word of mouth advertising" that has put the business where it is today. To that end, I have been listening to Jack's business podcast "5 Minutes with Jack". At FMWJ, you can get tons of information and drill instructor-like encouragement to get in gear and make your business more of what it COULD be regardless whether you're selling soft product, hard product, or even if you're still in the Brick & Mortar Age. He will tell you what he has done that works and also what he has done that just doesn't. He will also tell you that if you continue to do the things that don't work that you are a dumby. Some people can't handle being told that what they're doing is dumb. If that's you, you will not enjoy FMWJ. You might try to push through the pain and improve yourself, though. I know I still can.

PS - As direct evidence of the fact that I have room to grow and quite a few "don't be a dumby"s in my future, I still haven't bitten the bullet and spent some cash to register an actual domain name for Art Supply or bought web hosting for it. So I'm still using the free Wordpress site I created. I feel like Spirko would tell me I'm dumb for that, but I don't get the write off. I can only lead the horse to water on this one. The response would probably be, "Well why isn't there a yet? You should be blogging and establishing your personal brand." Touche, sir.

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